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Warhammer AoS Objective Markers - Acrylic - Age of Sigmar

Warhammer AoS Objective Markers - Acrylic - Age of Sigmar

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 This set of 6 or 8 objective markers is laser cut to precisely 12" diameter to give the most accurate representation of battlefield objectives possible and are shipped with scratch protection on both sides of each objective marker.

As of March 2024, these also have a clear etch at 6" diameter that helps with certain measurements.

Read more about them in detail on our blog post and see our video about them too.

International Purchases for the objective markers can be made through our Etsy Store. They frequently offer better shipping prices. -

Our objective markers don't have any printing, logo's, website address, or anything else on these markers that breaks immersion - but we can also mark the outside edge and center with whatever color you'd like to provide a clearer marking of the boundary without being too distracting or gaudy.

We also provide reusable low-tack glue dots that can be attached to one side of the objective markers to keep them from sliding on the table, addressing one of the main concerns people have with acrylic objective markers.

All orders come with a carrying bag to prevent scratches and scuffs on the objective markers in-between your gaming victories, and each objective marker has a scratch resistant film on both sides that can be removed once received.

Optical grade acrylic provides full transparency while playing and doesn't cover up the beautiful battle mats that are being used or break immersion, and won't yellow or change color over time. 

1mm thickness allows miniatures to easily be placed on it and move over it without difficulty and ensuring it doesn't interfere with the game while clearly designating the objective range. It also ensures they are durable enough not to bend, warp, or crease.

The center is marked with a 3mm hole to exactly define the center without any guesswork.




Full set of 8 12" objective markers are made from a sturdy and fully transparent optical-grade acrylic that is 1mm thin. Material comes with scratch-resistant PE film on both sides to ensure that the markers arrive to you without any scratches or defects of any sort.

Objective markers are impact resistant and durable to withstand years of use on the battlefield.

Each order includes a bag for carrying the markers around to prevent scratches and scuffs during storage or taking them out to the local game night.

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Objective markers are precision cut to exactly 12" to give the most accurate representation possible on the battle field.

The exact center is marked with a 3mm hole to precisly identify the actual objective without getting in the way.

Care Instructions

Clear acrylic can be washed with soapy water or any other type of window washer fluid in case of stray marks or stains.

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Customer Reviews

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Best objective markers

David Freeman

Warhammer AoS Objective Markers - Acrylic - Age of Sigmar

Carlos Ballon

Warhammer AoS Objective Markers - Acrylic - Age of Sigmar


Super useful for games. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition


Very high quality. Solid (hard) acrylic. The 3-inch engraving marking is a little hard to read, but the border is perfect. These are also VERY Transparent, so you can still see the board underneath (Which I love). Thinner than most neoprene mats, so it's not awkward at all for models sitting at the edge of the objective. 4 stars because the 3-inch marking is pretty hard to read.

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