The Founders

Andy and Jemima started Gray Matter Gaming to provide better quality wargaming accessories at an affordable price. We are a family-run business with two crazy kids who love 'helping' out whenever possible. We believe in serving the community, helping fill gaps where needs are, improving quality of existing goods in the market, and lowering prices to make gaming accessories more accessible to more people.

We are constantly trying to figure out ways that make your games more enjoyable so you can focus on obtaining glory and victories - not on book-keeping, measurements, and other immersion-breaking tasks.

If you have any ideas that can make your game better, we'd love to hear it!

Wargaming Passion Meets Laboratory and Supply Chain Expertise

The reason Gray Matter Gaming was founded is simply that most of the accessories available were either poor quality or extremely expensive - and we knew how to solve that problem. With our experience in quality testing laboratories and supply chain management, we know what it takes to ensure good quality and to obtain raw materials at affordable prices. We also know how hard the gaming community works, and wanted to lower prices to provide some of the best quality accessories to the best gamers in the world.

By implementing laboratory testing controls, verifying supply chain quality compliances, ensuring regulatory compliances, conscientious sourcing, and some old-fashioned tough negotiations - we are pleased to offer (in our biased opinion) some of the best gaming accessories available on the market today.