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Review from GOONHAMMER for our Mats and Objective Markers - Review

"Overall, it feels like Gray Matter Gaming has raised the bar on mat accessories. They are the cleanest and highest resolution prints I’ve seen and little touches like the cardboard tube show a high attention to detail. It’s a little thing, but it will prevent the wrinkles and ripples my older mats have. The opportunity to add objective markers is the icing on the cake. I’m happy to recommend these to anyone!"


Review from GOONHAMMER for our magnetic movement trays - Review

"Overall, the trays work perfectly. They’re simple but sometimes simple is all you need. Flat flush trays that go straight from storage to the table have legitimately eliminated over 20 minutes of fussing with models both before andafter my games with my Gitz. I can’t see myself building a horde army and not considering these critical."


From Tyler Mengel (AKA @MengelMinis on Twitter) - Review

"I can definitely recommend giving it a try ... The battle mat is great, with a crisp image and an ease of transportation and storage not yet achieved by competitors."
From Chuck Moore (AKA @StrengthHammer_ on Twitter) - Review

"They are some of the crispest and high resolutions images I have seen on gaming mats. ... You really need to check out what Gray Matter Gaming is doing."


From Dave Witek (AKA @Garagehammer) - Review @ hour 3:47

"It's a gorgeous mat. ... The quality of the print is fantastic. ... It is a really good quality mat."
-Dave Witek (@Garagehammer - Episode 301 3:47)


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