Retail Partners

We are proud to be partnering with multiple local game stores who carry our product:


Michigan Toy Soldier in Royal Oak, MI

The Upkeep Games in Howell and Ann Arbor, MI

Gatekeeper Games in Berkeley, MI

Excel RC & Hobbies in Garden City, MI

Hoplite Games in Lansing, MI

Golden Rhino Games in Ypsilanti, MI

Games Knight Leagues in London, Ontario

Motor City Gaming in Chesterfield Twp, MI

Other Realms LTD in Honolulu, HI

Chicagoland Games: The Dice Dojo in Chicago, IL

BattlePub Games in San Antonio, TX

Toledo Game Room in Toledo, OH


Please support these local game stores with mat purchases and other hobby related needs.

If we are out of stock of a mat you want, these retailers might have it in stock, so check them out.


Interesting in carrying our mats? Reach out to us below!

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