Age of Sigmar AOS Objective Markers

Age of Sigmar Objective Markers

As our newest product is launched, we'd like to take a minute and show off some of the features and what you get when you order. We'll be making videos soon so keep checking back for more information!

We've put a lot of thought into making these, and hope you can appreciate them and be able to use them to improve your game.

After you read, go ahead and order yourself a set! We also have a club discount for ordering 5 sets for your local store or group.

Our YouTube channel also has a video where we show these off and you can get a good sense of how they look like and what a good deal these are.

What's In the Package?

In every set of objective markers you get:
  • 8x 12" Optical Grade Acrylic Discs that have an opaque scratch guard film on both sides
  • 25x Adhesive Dots
  • 14" Cloth Canvas carrying bag

Edge Colored or Clear

Some people like their markers fully transparent without even an edge marked, and others prefer a marking on the outer edge and center. We offer both! We offer 12 different color options plus a 'rainbow' option of 8 different chromatic colors.

It's also easy to mark them yourselves - any permanent marker will work. Simply mark the outside edge and center hole with a permanent marker of whatever color you want.

 Scratch Guard Film

The objective markers themselves have a scratch guard film on them that is easy to peel off. This keeps them safe during production and shipping and ensures they arrive at your door in the best condition possible.

Laser Cut Precision

The objective markers are laser cut to precisely 12.00" diameter with a 3mm center cut out to mark the center. These are simply the most accurate markers available. No hand-cutting and no guesswork on where the center actually is.

Optical Grade Clarity

These objective markers are also unique in that they use optical grade acrylic. Other markers have a cloudiness or haze to them that distract from the beautiful mats you're using (you are using our beautiful mats, right?), or have bright thick rings or even company logo's and website addresses on them. Our blend in to the mat just enough that you can still always see them, and yet they aren't blocking or covering up 1/3 of the table space.

Reusable Adhesive Dots

Probably our most unique feature, we also include adhesive tack dots in our set - 25 of them to be exact. Each tack dot is reusable up to around 10-20 games. Simply peel it off of the release paper and place it onto the center of the objective marker, then stick that onto the table. Hold onto the release liner dots or place them back in the bag to use when you're done.

These are low-tack dots that are designed to stick just enough so they won't slide on the table while still being able to removed after the game and not cause any damage to the mat or other surfaces. Press down for around 5-10 seconds and it'll keep them from sliding during incidental bumps.

When done we recommend placing the release liner dot back on the adhesive. This helps keep the adhesive lasting longer and also prevents the adhesive from sticking to anything else.

If you don't want to hold onto the release liner dots (or you lose them), that's fine too. You can also stack them up like you normally would, just make sure to not let the adhesive dots touch each other. When you go to use them next time, be careful when you go to separate the objective markers. Use a slow gentle pull and maybe your fingers to separate the discs from each other. Don't pull them apart quick or forceful, or at a harsh angle as those kinds of actions can crack the objective markers if you're not careful.

When they start losing their tack, simply peel them off and replace them with a new one!

Cloth Canvas Carrying Bag

Finally, all of our objective marker sets include a nice cloth canvas bag. It's 14" wide, so has plenty of room to store the objective markers. It has a drawstring to keep them from sliding out, and this will help keep them safe from scratching during storage or when your driving to your local store for a game. 

The bag is also big enough to put in your books, dice, cards, and other things if you want to as well.


Thanks for reading! Now head over and order yourself a set! We also have a club discount for ordering 5 sets for your local store or group.

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