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Gray Matter Gaming

32mm Line Magnetic Movement Tray

32mm Line Magnetic Movement Tray

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Gray Matter Gaming Movement trays for 32mm troops in a tight line position with bases touching.

Read them being reviewed by Goonhammer! - "Overall, the trays work perfectly."

Our Blog post gives a lot more information about these too

International Purchases for the movement trays can be made through our Etsy Store. They frequently offer better shipping prices.

Check out our YouTube video for these and

Our movement trays are light, affordable, won't chip or rust, and hold onto your models so you can spend more time playing and less time moving your soldiers into place.

They are fully rimless and precision cut meaning you can ensure your models are always where they are supposed to be. No longer do you need to measure coherency or other distances to know who is in range for attacks, as the locations precisely ensure you know exactly where your models are while making your units easy to move across the tabletop.

The magnetic nature of our trays allows your models to easily stick to the rimless tray, and also easily pop them off when need to. The magnetic strength has been dialed in to perfectly be the strength to make the trays useful while not causing problems when the battles get messy.

They are made from a unique and customized magnetic vinyl that will stick to any type of magnetic material - magnets, steel, other magnetic vinyl, and more. The direction of the magnets doesn't matter, and there's no need to make any changes if your armies are already magnetized.

No need to use expensive magnets on your armies either - since our movement tray itself is the magnet simple (ferrous \ magnetic) steel washers, shot, or strike plates glued to the base work great. Just make sure the metallic or magnetic surface is fully in contact with the movement tray for the best grip.

Movement trays are perfect for games like Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars Legion, Star Wars Shatterpoint, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Saga, and Bolt Action.


Movement trays are made from a 1mm thick strong magnetic vinyl that ensures your miniatures will stay secure to the movement tray during play and transit.

Material is fully rust proof (not just coated!), lightweight, and strong to hold up to most difficult environments.

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Dimensions of the base sizes are precisely cut to exactly be the size needed to fit your miniatures, without have any rims or overhang.

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