Customized Objective Markers

Customized Objective Markers

We are proud to be offering customized acrylic AND neoprene objective markers!

Acrylic Objective Markers

We can add any logo or design that you want onto these objective markers. We can handle multi-faceted designs and we can also do multiple color layers and sizes. If you have a very complex design we'd love to work with you on it!

We customize these by using a high durability adhesive vinyl that we cut to the your customized design using a .png or .jpg file that you provide. We can also work with you on designing something unique as well.

The vinyl is colored on both sides which means that the decal can go on either side of the objective marker depending on your request.

Cost for customization is VERY affordable as well, with small centered logo's costing as little as $1 per piece. The price increases based on colors and complexity, and decreases based on volume. We can apply them for you or ship the vinyl with the objective markers for you to apply upon receipt with some easy instructions. It's our way to provide a low-cost alternative for some amazing customization options.

Once we agree upon a design, the timing is roughly a week to finish production of the logo and get everything shipped out to you!

We've done several customization options already, including brands, gaming clubs, and rings to mark control zones for specific rules and game systems.

Neoprene Objective Markers

Neoprene objective markers can be customized using any type of logo or design that you want as well, and we're happy to use any of our designs as backdrops for your custom objective markers.

These are customized using your design and logo, preferably a .png or .jpg file at high resolution (300 dpi at 12" x 12" for best results). We can help with design work and customize it in whichever way you might like.

We can also print and customize double sided neoprene objective markers as well! We can do any size, so can provide 40K, AoS, Conquest, and any other set of objective markers that might be wanted!

Cost for customization for neoprene objective markers varies significantly based on amount ordered, and we can handle custom orders from 1 set to 500 sets. We offer the most affordable customization options for neoprene objective markers out there though, and it's a great opportunity for stores and events to place wholesale orders for reselling at events to recoup some costs

Timing also depends on the amount ordered, but generally these have a longer lead time for us and depends on our manufacturing schedule. We will print samples for you and send you photos to confirm that's what you want for your approval before moving on with the full order.

We've completed several custom orders for these as well, and they have always turned out fantastic!


Reach out to us at for your free quote today on custom objective markers!

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