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Warhammer 40k and AoS4 Neoprene Objective Markers - Green and Flaming Portal

Warhammer 40k and AoS4 Neoprene Objective Markers - Green and Flaming Portal

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Double Sided Neoprene Objective Markers - 7.57" Diameter (40mm center with 3" radius around it)

These come in a set of 6 or set of 8.

One side shows a yellow light energy glyph while the other side shows a ring of crackling lightning. Usable in Warhammer 40k, Horus Heresy, or Age of Sigmar 4.0

Our Age of Sigmar double sided objective markers were reviewed on Goonhammer here.

International buyers - check out our Etsy store as they frequently have more affordable shipping options

These double sided objective markers are great in providing options to match your battle mat or provide some variation between games. No need to select just one style when you can have options!

These utilize a thin 2mm double sided neoprene that has alternative designs on each side.

These are durable, solid, water and stain resistant. They are wrinkle resistant and the color won't fade over time either. Dice roll well on them, models won't break on them, and the 2mm thickness doesn't have an impact on the battlefield. 


Material is made using a non-slip, impact resistant, and wrinkle resistant lightweight neoprene while the image is printed using high quality sublimation inks with a water (and coffee!) resistant coating that will hold up to years of use without any fade or discoloration.

Our gaming mats are made from familiar comfortable 'mousepad-style' material, but with better inks (for a longer lasting and better image) and better neoprene (same grip and comfort with lighter weight and easier to roll and unroll). The carrying bag is also more durable to help prevent wrinkling and creasing during storage and transit.

We also include a rolling core with all mats allowing quicker rolling when finished and it ensures the mat doesn't bend or fold while being carried or stored.

Please see the Care Instructions below for specific guidelines to ensure your mat remains in best condition for many years to come.

Shipping & Returns

We try to ship all items in stock within 5 business days or earlier.

If you are unsatisfied with the product, please contact us within 30 days of receipt to let us know.

Shipping costs to Canada or international customers do not include any import duties or fees. Customer is responsible for all import duties and fees for their final destination country.


All items are the stated size, and carrying bags are around 1-2" longer.

Additional sizes are in queue soon! Drop us a note on Twitter @GrayMatterMats to let us know what sizes you want to see next.

Exact measurements may vary slightly due to the manufacturing process and slight deviations in dimensions are possible.

Care Instructions

Due to the waterproof nature of the mat, a simple damp cloth should clean up any spills that might happen. A mild soap can also be used without any impact on the image or mat. Gentle scrubbing with soap and a damp cloth should remove even the worst stains.

Avoid using an abrasive sponge that might scuff the mat or scrape away at the ink layers.

The material is also wrinkle resistant. If any wrinkles or creases do present after long-term storage, simple let the mat lie flat and you should see some improvement after 24 hours.

During long term storage, ensure the mat is rolled up (not folded) without anything heavy on top - as that will make any creases harder to get out.

If the mat is stored in a manner where creases do form and no improvement is seen after 24 hours, pull the mat taut and allow it to rest while taut for an additional 24 hours.

Do not apply heat to the mat, as high levels of heat can negatively impact the neoprene and the lamination.

Due to the nature of neoprene, the mat might have an odor when you first receive it. Let it rest unrolled and the odor will fade and not return after a day or so.

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